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Alcantara Traybell Essentia SOS, Instant Mask, is an instant effect mask formulated with oils and vegetable butters from sustainably controlled organic cultivation. Intensifies the nourishing, antioxidant and moisturizing action. It also repairs and restores the hydrolipid layer and provides the necessary nutrients to seal the cuticle and maintain a unique shine and smoothness.

She is vegan.

Natural origin 96%.


The hair is covered by a hydro-lipid layer whose function is to protect, waterproof and lubricate its surface. When this layer is removed due to different actions of external agents, the cuticle is exposed and deteriorates. So it produces a rough, dull, porous and vulnerable to breakage appearance. To prevent hair deterioration, it is advisable to carry out intensive hydration and nutrition treatments. The oils and vegetable butters contained in this mask provide the essential lipid layer to regenerate and repair damaged hair, thanks to its high content of lipids and fatty acids.

As a result, the hair will be left looking healthy, soft, manageable and shiny.


Active ingredients or components:

· Shea Butter: 100% vegetable-based compound from the nut of the Shea tree. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F. It also has a high content of oleic, linoleic and stearic acid. Provides great hydration, nutrition, repairing and regenerating effect.

· Macadamia oil: variety of nut produced in Hawaii, Florida, Australia and California from its cold pressing, rich in palmitoleic acid, vitamin E and sterols. As main benefits: repairs, hydrates, regenerates damaged hair, smoothes the cuticle, eliminates frizz and nourishes.

· Coconut oil: organic natural product extracted from the pressing of its fruit. Contains essential vitamins and minerals. Its main benefits: revitalizes dry hair, prevents split ends, great moisturizing power.

· Poppy Oil: it is obtained by pressing the seeds of the white poppy grown sustainably in the United Kingdom, 100% vegetable without additives. Main benefits: it facilitates styling with a smooth, silky and shiny finish thanks to its high oleic acid content.


How to use:

· With washed hair, distribute from medium to ends, detangling.

· Rinse hair with plenty of water.


Available in 500 ml, 200 ml and 90 ml.

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