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Mh Cosmetics Vapor + Infrared uses the vapor generation system using an ultrasonic probe. Through the control of ultrasonic waves, a large amount of microscopic steam is generated directly affecting the most internal parts of the hair, enhancing the results of hair treatments. It is a professional tool for hair treatments specific for beauty salons that seek excellence.

Water has a hidden power. Water swells the hair, deeply impregnates it and enhances the effects of hair treatments. 007R2 has been developed with a focus on the power of water. Through the control of ultrasonic waves, a huge amount of microscopic mist is generated in a stretch. 007R, with the magical power of water, is a strong ally for hair treatments. In today's world, hair health is paramount, we are no longer talking about styling, we are talking about treatments that improve hair health and therefore, the 007R2 model introduces a new form of hair treatment that cannot be achieved anywhere except in the best beauty salons. 



· Micro-fog heated to 40-50ºC. Helps increase hair volume.

The heated micro-mist activates the molecular movement of the care molecules and allows them to penetrate

into the hair through the open cuticle.

· The care particles penetrate even deeper into the hair shaft, nourishing and releasing the cuticle.

· Due to the rapid cooling of the air, the conditioning particles remain permanently in the hair.

· Capillary steam.

· Voltage: 220-240V

· Power: 650W

· Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

· Water tank capacity: 1.6 L

· Used water tank capacity: 0.4 L



Once removed from its packaging, we recommend following the instructions for use for proper assembly and installation.

1.Insert the 4 wheels in the holes in the base as shown in the diagram.

2.Connect the foot with the bar and tighten with the 10mm screw. Insert the clamp to the holes in the foot hole and use the corresponding bolt to tighten.

3.Rotate the lift handle outward, insert the main frame into the bracket (press the main frame to verify that it is properly seated and does not slip out of place), then rotate the lift handle to the end.

4.After installing the main frame, insert the neck cushion into the corresponding hole (Attention: please insert deeply).


How to use:

· Auto mode:

Select the operating mode based on the related automatic mode, assuming that the parameters cannot be changed, the machine will operate according to the chosen mode.

Choose auto mode


We suggest the customer to use the auto mode, easier to operate.

Step 1: Press the neutral hair button

1. Oily hair 2. Neutral hair 3. Damaged hair

Step 2: Press START

The machine will not work until the operating mode is selected.


· Manual mode:

When you select manual mode, the temperature and steam capacity can be adjusted by pressing the corresponding keys.

1.Adjust the time

Press the time adjustment button to decrease or increase the time, each press will increase or decrease 1 minute.

2.Adjust temperature and capacity

Press the steam adjustment button to adjust the steam temperature, each pressure adds or reduces 1 degree.

3.Cold air program

Before selecting the operating mode and after nebulization, select the cool fan program key to use that program. (preset in 3 min)

4.Ozone program

Before selecting the operating mode and after steaming, select the ozone program key to use the ozone program.

When you select the ozone program you must select the cool air program at the same time.


If you need to use the ozone program independently:

1.Select manual mode

2.Select the cold air and ozone programs

3.Select the time: 1 minute

4.Press START / STOP to enter manual mode. After 1 minute, Ozone mode can work 3 minutes automatically.


Basic Process:

1.Shampoo: After applying the shampoo and rinsing it off, dry well with a towel.

2.Applying the treatment: Apply the corresponding treatment evenly through the hair. In order for the steam to be distributed as evenly as possible, loosen the ends of the hair and position them in such a way that the strands of hair do not fall out. Put on a turban towel.

3.Adjustment. Install the hood, adjust the body of the steamer so that the nape pad touches the turban, then lower the face shield. In this way, the process is easier and faster. By adjusting the steam body instead of the hood itself, we achieve a better fit and greater speed to adapt to the client's height.

4.Heat: steam… Heat starts according to the initial setting. A large amount of steam wraps around the head, and at the same time, gently floats inside the hood, offering a pleasant viewing in the living room. Other clients will show their interest in the treatment.

5.Perfect for multiple treatments. As the hood opens, you can easily apply other treatments without constantly adjusting the appliance.

6.A feeling of SPA, a new kind of comfort.

7.Cooling. Once the heat ends, an audible alarm indicates it, and the cooling function begins. The air sent from the fan quickly cools and cools the air inside the hood. This cold will seal the cuticles, thus fixing the treatment and consequently a spectacular result.



The hood is designed to be positioned at a high angle. When the hood is installed, the customer has the feeling of tranquility as nothing is in front of their eyes. With this design, the customer does not feel pressured or enclosed.

It is also possible to automatically adjust the humidity and temperature levels, and the operating time.

The water tank is prepared to serve 20 clients (for a use of 8 minutes per client). Even with continuous use of the appliance, it operates steadily without interruptions or overheating.

The excess condensed steam from the hood (return water) is sent to the drain tank from the hood's top seal through the groove that surrounds the hood, designed to prevent water from dripping directly onto the customer's head.


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