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Mh Cosmetics Multi Pro aerial, is a thermo-stimulator with a touch screen, which has 5 powerful and silent round quartz heaters for drying hair. User interface and 6 automatic program settings: soft permanent, strong permanent, care and treatments, “tone-on-tone”, Peroxide, gentle drying and strong drying.

The appliance is mounted on a strong adjustable pedestal. It automatically maintains the optimal temperature treatment. The panel control allows you to select a setting or program and the monitor allows you to adjust the time and temperature.

The 5 heaters produce a pleasant heat in the area to be treated.

Turn off the appliance immediately after use with the ON / OFF button.



Drying: drying with or without rollers, the duration will be 25 minutes. Temperature: 4

Permanent: the duration will be 10 minutes. Temperature: 2

Discoloration: the duration will be 15 minutes. Temperature: 2

Tone-on-tone: the duration will be 20 minutes. Temperature: 3

Reflections or stripping: the duration will be 8 minutes. Temperature: 1

Care or treatment: the duration will be 10 minutes. Temperature: 2



· It can accelerate the circulation of nutrients in the scalp.

· 5 heat sources, independent of each other.

· Power: 1200 W.

· Frequency: 50-60 Hz.

· Voltage 220 - 240 V.

· 2 speeds.

· Timer.

· Touch screen.

· Includes arm to place on the wall.


How to use:

1. Place your arms at the desired distance from each other.

2. Start the appliance.

3. Press the on / off button on the touch screen.

4. Select the run time.

5. Select the fan speed.

6. Select the temperature of the different lamps (upper, middle, lower, left and right). Initial temperature level 3, up to level 5.

7. Press the corresponding button if you need to readjust the time or the temperature of the appliance.



To avoid the risk of overheating, we recommend that the entire length of the cable is unwound. Do not leave the appliance plugged in unnecessarily, keep it unplugged whenever it is not used. Do not use the dryer to dry towels or the like as they could obstruct the air holes of the dryer.

For extra protection install a fault protection switch with a rated breakdown not exceeding 30mA. Contact an electrician. If the supply cord is damaged it should be replaced.


General safety precautions:

In the event that the appliance plug and connector are incompatible, the plug should be replaced by a skilled electrician and the wiring verified that the appliance will withstand input.

In general, adapters, multiplugs, and extension cords should not be used. If necessary, only a single or multiple adapter or extension cord that meets current safety standards could be used.

Before connecting, check that the power supply voltage of the marked appliance matches the supply electricity.

This appliance should only be used for the purpose for which it was designed: drying hair. Any inappropriate use could be dangerous. The manufacturer will not be held liable for damage caused by improper use of the appliance.

· Do not touch the appliance with wet hands. Do not use with bare feet. Do not use extension cords in bathrooms or wet / watery places.

· The appliance can be used with children as long as they are over 8 years old and always under supervision.

· Turn off the main switch and unplug the appliance for cleaning and maintenance.

· Do not use on other areas of the body other than the hair.

· Hair should not be covered with towels or cloths during drying.



Clean the dryer using only cloths moistened with alcohol. Other products could damage the appliance.



If the appliance does not work properly or does not work, unplug it and do not touch it. Its repair should only be carried out with authorized personnel and only new and original spare parts should be used. Failure to comply may compromise the safety of the device.


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