Characteristics: 90gr - 18'' (46 cm lenght)  


The hair of our extensions is rigorously selected, which allows us to guarantee the best quality. We only work with 100% human hair and Remy. Its excellent quality allows greater extension durability and a natural glow. It is Remy hair, that is, we respect the direction of hair growth from the root to the ends in the manufacturing process, which prevents them from getting tangled or entangled once they are put on, since the natural cuticle has not been removed or It has been chemically processed. They are also treated with silk proteins, to maintain their silkiness and shine whenever you use them.


Fastening system using micro-combs that are attached to your hair and a thin transparent nylon thread as a headband.



What is the best treatment for extensions?


We recommend that you take care of the extensions as you do with your natural hair. Detangle dry hair before washing it, so you will facilitate brushing, for this you can use a conditioner detangler, such as The Original, untangle the hair starting at the ends while you grab the root, and go ascending; For washing, apply warm water and use a pH neutral shampoo, we recommend VeraColors Dermosensitive shampoo, and always apply a good hydration treatment so that they always look bright and radiant, we recommend VeraColors Restructuring Mask with Aloe Vera. Try to keep your extensions always as detangled as possible, you can carry a brush in your bag and brush them regularly. To sleep, swim or play sports, pick it up in a loose braid, so you avoid getting entangled.



Can extensions be ironed or curled?


Being 100% human hair extensions, they can be straightened and ironed, curled, curled, etc. But EYE! never exceed 170º of temperature! It is human hair but it does not regenerate so you have to take extreme precautions.


Can I change the color of the extension?


MH Cometics human hair extensions can be dyed or modified with a color bath or permanent dye. Although we recommend that for dyeing it is always light to darker, never lighter (discoloration). Note: always do a test on a lock of the inner part, in this way you will see the resulting color without damaging the extension.



Do extensions damage hair?


MH Cosmetics extensions do not damage natural hair as they integrate perfectly into hair. A few years ago the extensions were attached to the hair using silicones, which caused the hair to have to be cut when removing the extensions, which entails a continuous weakening of the hair. Currently the methods of holding the extensions have improved, they do not damage the hair structure of the hair.



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