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The 12-in-1 Treatment of Keyra is a fusion of ingredients formulated based on Camellia and Keratin Oil that gives the hair 12 incredible benefits with immediate effect:

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Conditioning
  • Tip repair
  • Anti-frizz effect
  • Thermal protection
  • Color protection
  • Combing
  • Brightness
  • Volume and body
  • Smoothness
  • Silkyness



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Biphasic conditioner with keratin by Keyra Colors. It facilitates the brushing while repairing the hair fiber, aprotando brightness and smoothness.

  • Condition
  • Nutre
  • Structure the hair
  • Reduces the loss of color
  • Reduces the aesthetic electricity of the hair
  • Sports brightness, flexibility, volume and softness.



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Keyra Colors is a varied and optimized range of permanent color cream that delivers vibrant and durable colors , 100 % guaranteed coverage , shine, softness and lightness thanks to the combination of active principles based on Keratin and natural components , respecting the health of the hair fiber plus the scalp.

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The formulation of KeyraOx oxidizing creams allows to obtain a homogeneous, soft and adherent mixture that does not drip. Ensures exceptional results in combination with Keyracolors tints.


Graduations: 10V (3%) | 20V (6%) | 30V (9%)

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Diamond Oil by Keyra is an oil that revitalizes, nourishes, protects and regenerates the hair, repairing it from the inside, moisturizing it and providing an intense shine. Discover the magic of this hair oil. With Camellia and Argan Oils and Diamond Extract.



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Keyra Fall Prevention shampoo helps prevent hair loss. Its formula enriched with Redensyl, Camellia Extract, Amino Acids and Zinc, combats the process of hair follicle aging and hair loss. In addition, it provides stimulating and toning properties that help the recovery of hair fiber and increase the thickness of the hair.



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Hair mask by Keyra formulated with Hydrolysed Keratin. Immediate action Treatment mask that nurtures and moisturises dry, brittle or very dry hair. It repairs the damaged cuticle caused by the chemical services, blow- drying or straightening. It prevents dehydration, protects and gives shine. It nourishes immediately, with a long-lasting effect.



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Keratin Liss de Keyra is a shampoo formulated with Keratin and Flax Seeds, which help to restore, repair and strengthen the hair fiber, getting a more resistant and more elastic hair. In addition, it nourishes and hydrates intensely, returning to the hair its healthy and flexible appearance. Provides shine and softness, reduces frizz and facilitates styling.



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Keyra acid pH shampoo restores the natural pH of the hair after chemical or coloring processes.


Formulated with hydrolyzed Keratin that restores and reconstructs the natural structure of the hair after technical processes. Contains conditioners that give the hair softness, luminosity and silkiness. Tense-assets guarantee maximum hair care.



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Non-volatile powder bleach, blue in color, which improves the nuance and elimination of the yellow reflection characteristic of very light tones in discolored hair. Mixed with oxygenated KeyraOx forms a homogenous mousse, ideal for any technique.



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