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Mh Cosmetics Latest generation 35000rpm electric nail lathe, especially indicated for beauty centers and aesthetic centers. Its high performance, quality and power make this lathe the ideal tool to perform manicures and pedicures for hours.

With manual speed regulator and pedal, minimal vibration and ultra-quiet.

It incorporates a premium handle that does not overheat.



· Easy to control speed by turning the knob. It is displayed on the digital display, to set the desired speed.

· 2 different ways of turning the drilling machine: forward and backward. Direction for use with both hands, it can also be controlled with pedals, making it easy to use.

· Easy bit change, without tools.

· Lightweight pen and overload protection system make nail art easy and safe.

· Low power consumption and speed up to 35,000 RPM for effective nail work, low noise and vibration for smooth and long operation.

· The set of drills are a high quality manicure and pedicure tool. Perfect for nail technicians.

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