When to use Freezing 3.0 Cryotherapy


  • After a hair coloring, to seal the cuticle and catch the color for more time inside
  • After a treatment of nutrition or hydration of the hair
  • Upon completion of any other treatment: permanent, split ends, dry hair, ...
  • After a straightening or curling, processes during which the heat could damage the hair.  



Application Protocol


  • Wash the hair with the specific shampoo for each of the treatments.
  • Remove the moisture with the towel
  • Apply the specific treatment for each case, distributing the product evenly throughout the hair with a gentle massage.
  • Place a thermal cap for 15-20min and the product will penetrate the hair. You can apply heat with the help of ozone vapor.
  • Divide the hair into sections and pass the Freezing 3.0 Cryotherapy plate slowly 2-3 times per section by sliding it without pressing. With what we will achieve seal the cuticle in a perfect and natural way.
  • Clarify or not, depending on the treatment Dry the hair with warm air.
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