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BLACK eye and lips profile pencil, in plastic case with airtight cap and colored band indicative of the tone of the mine. The formula has an extraordinary duration that makes the lines and profiles remain unchanged all day. The case incorporates a practical pencil sharpener.


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Eye pencil BLUE SKY. Designed to delineate the eye area smoothly and precisely, with a single stroke thanks to the intensity of color and the ease of sliding. Its formula is studied to obtain a good permanence on the skin and a comfortable use.

Maïva Precision eye liner

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Maïva black liquid eyeliner with a pointed applicator for maximum precision results.

Thanks to its pointed applicator, you will have control to make your outlines more precise.


Volume: 6 ml.

Maïva Eye Liner Vegan

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Maïva eyeliner composed of oils of vegetable origin. Provides an intense and long-lasting color.

Vegan cosmetic. Not tested on animals.

Black color.


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Cosmetic pencil profiler BLACK color. The composition of its mine allows a smooth stroke and intense coloration with a single pass, staying a long time on the skin.