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Forget the sticky layers, the new SuperShine gels heal and shine, with no need to clean them.


They are very pigmented, covering perfectly in a single layer. They are also the perfect choice for decoration. Acrylic powders of the brand Moyra guarantee perfect adhesion, they do not allow the color to turn yellow, and at the same time it is possible to model strong and flexible nails.

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Rock Hard Nails tiene una tecnología integrada que permite crear unas uñas más fuertes y flexibles. Está diseñado para un mayor control excepcional y está formulado para unirse a la queratina en la uña natural, al tiempo que proporciona una base química que promueve la adhesión de Rock hard. Este momento, hace que tus uñas se mantengan en la mejor forma hasta tres semanas completas.
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The new Acrygel from MH Cosmetics is a revolutionary system that masterfully combines the resistance of acrylic with the elasticity and lightness of gel. With the new Acrygel from MH Cosmetics you will be able to strengthen weak and brittle nails, making extensions with a tip or mold quickly and easily.

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