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Shampoo for the care of the beard


Specially formulated to hydrate and clean the beard with extracts of Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5, which help to smooth and balance the skin, which also makes it easier to comb the beard.



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Restorative oil beard


With its formula of oils rich in Vitamin E, the product nourishes and hydrates your dry and worn beard, making it extraordinarily soft and shiny, in addition to providing your beard with healthy growth.



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Ointment for the beard


It offers an extraordinary power of fixation and a great natural shine, thanks to its characteristic repellent of the humidity that maintains the perfect hairstyle. Thus, it helps you create an unlimited number of movements and different styles.




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Facial serum for after shaving. Improves the qualities of the skin: hydration, texture, tone, wrinkles, etc. Of creamy consistency, it disappears in a brief gesture of massage. It brings to the epidermis an extreme softness, a fine touch, a luminous and young aspect.