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VeraColors Decoplex Hair Bleaching Powder with...

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Indicated for intense colorations. It allows to clear up to 9 tones. Rebuild and protect the links of the capillary structure thanks to the incorporation of plex technology. Non-volatile formula that avoids the overload of the environment.


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Schwarzkopf's Blond Me bleach lets you lighten hair up to 9 shades, either natural or colored. It does not break the bonds of the hair and has agents that prevent yellow tones and warm undertones.

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Trendy Hair Decoelastik Keratin with Ginseng is the first discoloration with Keratin and ginseng micro particles. It combines persulfates of last generation with keratin and micro particles of japon. Provides a contribution of elasticity, resistance and hydration.


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You will get blond cold wicks with a single step ensuring a cool color result even in dark hair. It works in combination with the IGORA Vario Blond Plus or IGORA Vario Blond Extra Power bleaching powder.

Keyra Powder Bleach

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Non-volatile powder bleach, blue in color, which improves the nuance and elimination of the yellow reflection characteristic of very light tones in discolored hair. Mixed with oxygenated KeyraOx forms a homogenous mousse, ideal for any technique.




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UTOPIK DECO with Keratin is a bleaching powder of the highest quality, non-volatile and with a slightly fruity odor. It has been specially developed with ingredients that condition the hair to the maximum during the discoloration process.


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The Blondor Multiblonde Powder decoration is designed for multiple applications. With Anti-Yellowing molecules, up to 7 levels of clarification. Multifunctional products thanks to their mixing ratios.

Wella Professionals Magma Hair Colors

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Thanks to this product we will stabilize the color pigments inside the hair, reaching a pH value in equilibrium. In addition, we provide intense brightness and enhance the color.