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Keyra Fall Prevention shampoo helps prevent hair loss. Its formula enriched with Redensyl, Camellia Extract, Amino Acids and Zinc, combats the process of hair follicle aging and hair loss. In addition, it provides stimulating and toning properties that help the recovery of hair fiber and increase the thickness of the hair.



Traybell Essentia Vitalis...
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Traybell Essentia Vitalis Champu

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Reduce y controla la caída del cabello. Estimula la síntesis celular gracias a su combinación de ingredientes activos. Formulado con MPC, complejo de peptidos de las proteínas de la leche, que restaura el equilibrio del cuero cabelludo; Colágeno hidrolizado que fortalece y regenera las células y Extracto Biológicos de acción hidratante y nutritiva. Sin Parabenos, Sin Siliconas, Sin Colorantes
Traybell fall prevention...
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Traybell fall prevention shampoo

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For the treatment of weak, malnourished hair and all those with a higher than normal fall rate. It incorporates a biological complex that regenerates cellular activity, moisturizes and nourishes the hair, stimulating its growth and slowing down its fall.

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