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Active filters

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Color protective spray with solar filter against UV rays. Increases the elasticity and resistance of the hair to breakage. Extends the intensity of color and brightness. Condition the hair without greasing it or caking it. Contains vegetable protein complex, the proteins combine to penetrate the cuticle increasing resistance and protecting it from external aggressions.
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 The technical processes become treaters.  


VERAPLEX the recolutionary system which rebuilds the capillary structure. Specially designed to care and pretect hair from damages caused by technical processes. The deep restructuring reduces hair breakage by 95% and guarantees its health without changing the coverage level or the results of the lightening. It has become an esential professional product.

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It is formulated with an unique chemical composition of a single active vegetable protein, parabens, oils, aldehydes and perfume´s free. This protein acts inside the hair, rebuilding the links of the hair structure, strengthening them and minimizing breakage. It also provides a treating effect that regenerates the most of the cuticle, causing the hair to become healthy, strong and flexible.

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Vegetable protein complex that acts as a shield for the hair fiber. Protects the hair during the technical processes of coloring and discoloration while reinforcing the hair fiber, restoring its elasticity.Increases hair strength and hair resistance to breakage, prolongs the duration of color in colored hair.
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