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Gold fluid shampoo. Beauty treatment for all types of hair. Cleans delicately, leaving hair light and shiny. Pure wealth that wraps the hair. Three natural oils in a formula of pleasant and silky texture. The delicious fragrance ambrated with a vanilla background transports you to the fascination of oriental perfumes.

Keyra Silver White Shampoo

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Keyra Silver White shampoo is especially suitable for gray or white hair. Neutralizes the yellowish reflection of gray hair, returning their whiteness and natural shine.



Keyra Total Repair Shampoo

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Total Repair by Keyra is a treatment shampoo that instantly fights damaged or dry hair. Strengthens the hair structure and scrapes the hair from the roots to the ends.



VeraColors Repair Shampoo

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VeraColors Repairing Shampoo is especially indicated for damaged hair with Seaweed and Maritime Inula create an elastic and non-greasy layer that nourishes and hydrates the hair, reinforces its structure, provides luminosity and silkiness.

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Mima el cuero cabelludo seco y escamado con el champú para el cuero cabelludo sensible Source Essentielle L'Oréal Professionnel. Enriquecido con una mezcla nutritiva de flores de caléndula y camomila, que elimina suavemente las impurezas al mismo tiempo que calma el cuero cabelludo irritado y ataca la caspa para reducir las escamas visibles. Sentirás el cuero cabelludo aliviado y confortable.