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Excellent lip balm based on oils of natural waxes, protects, moisturizes and regenerates the lips of the damages produced by climatic changes and other effects. It does not contain paraffin or petroleum jelly.

Maïva Ultra Matte Vegan Lipstick

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The vegan lipsticks from the professional cosmetics firm Maïva have a rich and creamy texture, do not stain and keep the lip hydrated with a very long-lasting matte effect.

The range of colors is varied and includes the most demanded tones of the moment as well as trend tones. Formulated with natural and vibrant pigments and with extraordinary durability and hold.

Availability: 598 In Stock

Maïva's matte liquid lipstick is soft, hydrates the skin and is long-lasting, maintaining its intense and vibrant color for much longer.

Available in 5 shades:



·Nude Rose