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Maïva Vegan BB Cream SPF30

Price €14.79
Availability: 295 In Stock

Triple action vegan moisturizer BB Cream.


Thanks to its high percentage of active ingredients that moisturizes, protects from sun, corrects and thanks to its anti-wrinkles and anti-oxidant power this is your daily cream in a single gesture. SPF30


Volume: 50 ml.


Maïva Light Cover Cream - Base de maquillaje...

2 Review(s)
Price €13.97
Availability: 959 In Stock

Long-lasting, lightweight foundation with a natural matte finish that provides a perfectly even complexion.

Evens, smoothes and hides blemishes throughout the day for flawless results. Perfect coverage.

Volume: 30 ml.

Available in 2 shades.

Maïva Ultramatte Long Lasting

1 Review(s)
Price €15.62
Availability: 947 In Stock

Long-lasting ultra-matte foundation with a light texture. It manages to cover imperfections, unifies the skin, leaving the skin with a smooth finish without shine.

Available in 2 shades.

Volume: 30 ml.

Maïva Matte Compact Powder

Price €10.66
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Availability: Out of stock


Mattifying compact powder for flawless, well-groomed skin without shine. They blend into the skin as if it were a thin film, they are soft and light.

Ideal for oily skin.

Maïva Natural Setting Powder

Price €8.18
Availability: 958 In Stock

Translucent powders that fix the makeup leaving the skin matte and without shine. When applied to the skin, they leave a matte film, fixing the makeup and preventing it from altering throughout the day. They also eliminate shine and unify skin.