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It is a gel in the form of elastic hair-shaping gelatin, being able to mold hair to your liking, making a more informal and carefree style, providing flexibility, shine and protection against UV rays to your hair.

Fixation level: 2

Volume: 150 ml

Vasso ClayWax Spike

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VASSO molding clay gives you high hold and a natural matte look. Ideal for short to medium hair letting you create the best bolds, giving you a touchable shape and texture to define your perfect matte look.

For best results use on dry hair.

Volume: 150 ml.

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The Extra Strong Refreshing Gel by Keyra is characterized by the contribution of a pleasant sensation of freshness during and after its application. Thanks to its formulation, the Extra Strength Refreshing Gel moisturizes and fixes the look at the same time, achieving a de-stressing effect on the hair.


Volume: 500ml.

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Hair wax with a matte effect and dry texture, with medium / natural hold that provides excellent mobility and length for any length. Resists heat and humidity.

Fragrance: lavender, elemi, bergamot, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, labdanum, geranium, pepper and ambroxan.

Volume: 150 ml

Tecniart Bouncy & Tender curl defining

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Gel Cream with anti-humidity, anti-frizz and curl fixing action for 72 hours. With the ingredients Elasto Curl Cream and Intracyclane they provide greater hydration, softness, shine, definition and give body and protection to the hair.

Fixation level: 2

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Fibrous structure wax, with flexible hold and low shine, provides perfect mobility in the hair, to achieve varied and free styles. Leaves no residue, is easily cleaned by washing the hair.

Fragrance with masculine scent.

Volume: 150 ml.


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Revlon ProYou Volume Bump Up increases the thickness of the hair and adds volume to the hairstyle. It can be used for global work, or to create volumizing effects only on select highlights. With the spray you will enhance the volume of the hair from the roots with a scent of sandalwood and lavender.

Volume: 350 ml.

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Male styling wax with a flexible and matte finish. It provides the desired flexibility, preserving its shape in the long term. Its light texture is easy to apply and simplifies styling.

No sticky effect.

Fixing level: 3

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Gel-cream for well defined, elastic and shiny curls. Its innovative texture stimulates the movement of the curls, optimizes their definition and provides optimal shine. Ideal for getting soft and shiny curls, with S-shaped waves, short wavy cuts, bob curls.

Fixation level: 1

Volume: 150 ml.